Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collections

I admit, I have never been partial to drugstore eye shadows. Now I know that some people are infuriated when they see someone use a high end eye shadow and think that it's okay to call them every bad word known to man at them to make themselves feel better. Honestly, I find that slightly unnecessary as its not as if the person using the makeup is using the other person’s money. Let’s face it though; people these days are rather difficult. For all of you difficult and/or people wanting some good makeup at an amazing price, I have come to the rescue with the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eye shadows! Wet n' wild hasn’t always had a good reputation for being a good makeup brand, but within the last year and a half or so, they have really picked up their game. These particular eye shadow palettes come with eight colors, and although they aren’t perfect, they’re much better than some of the other drugstore eye shadows I’ve seen on the market today.

This product comes in three different shades: Petal Pusher, Comfort Zone, and Blue Had Me At Hello. About as catchy as names can get... ;)
     The first palette is Petal Pushers, which is obviously the purple palette, unless you're color blind and can't tell. This palette contains a lot of softer colors, and isn't quite as shimmery as the others. It contains both cool and warm toned purple, so you can customize your eye shadow based on what colors suit you the best. I find purples in general to be less pigmented than other colors, and I have no idea why. These colors have good pigmentation, but are very soft shades. If you find that super shimmery or frosty colors make your eyes look a tad scaly, you might wanna check this one out.
All the pretty swatches for Petal Pushers-yay!
Oh yes, it's the beautiful Comfort Zone palette. This one in particular I found very hard to get my hands on, because most people in general aim towards neutrals when it comes to makeup. This sadly has all shimmery colors, and I would really like to see more mattes in these palettes, because all in all the quality is quite good. This palette includes four brown toned shades and four green toned shades.
                                             Here are all the lovely swatches in case you couldn't tell.

       Here is the last palette of the bunch, which is Blue Had Me At Hello. Do not be afraid of purchasing this palette, because believe it or not, it doesn't bite. I like to call this palette the feisty palette, because wearing bright colors always makes you a little more hyper and annoying, just ask my mom.... If you like to make crazy or just plain horrifying makeup looks late at night when no one is awake (which I obviously don't do, duh) then this palette is going to be your sole mate. The shimmery black is disappointing as it doesn't come off very well in swatches or on your eye, but I have learned that finding the perfect black drugstore eyeshadow is nearly impossible. Other than the dud in this palette, this palette is full of shimmery prettiness with the exception of one matte black shade which wasn't anything to write home about.
                                             Here lie the last set of swatches-aren't they pretty?!

     All in all, I find that these eye shadows are very good for the price of $5.99, but they do have a few imperfections. They are very pigmented, with the exception of a few shades, and some tend to be quite powdery and you might experience a bit of fallout with the application of these, so make sure to get as much access eyeshadow off of the brush as you can unless you want to rock the dreaded raccoon eyes. My brother even rocked a few shades from the Blue Had Me At Hello palette the other night when my friend and I applied it all over his cute little face (which he was not happy about by the way). Speaking of his face, it is not nearly as crusty as it used to be, but before I go off on another tangent about crusty faces and such, I will leave you all to live your lives without me. *shudders at the thought* I hope you all are doing well and have a wonderful day.
                                                              xoxo-Olivia the Makeup Pig

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  1. We need to start a skincare regime for Jack

  2. Really like the Blue Had Me at Hello palette!