Monday, July 4, 2011

June 2011 Favorites

     Curse you horrible internet connection!!! Uhhh, sorry about that, but the connection at my house it soooo messed up and is really beginning to erk me. So, if I actually am able to post this before the end of July, consider yourself lucky. Now with all of that out of the way, I have come to delight you all today with my June favorites. All of these products I have used way too much during the month of June, and some are the same from last month because I'm just boring like that. But obviously if I use them way too much they must be good right? Right. So let the madness begin...
     The first thing I have been loving is the Urban Decay Naked palette. I know, I know, this was in my favorites last month,but I have been doing a specific look for most of the month. That look includes sin on the inner third of the lid and crease, naked on the rest of my lid, sidecar in the crease, and virgin as a highlight. I love this because it's not too dark or too light. It packs the perfect amount of punch, but doesn't look awful at the end of the day.

     Now I love all of my tarte amazonian clay blushes equally, because I literally haven't used any other blushes this whole month. But... I have really been loving the shade exposed because of its wonderful neutralness and that it seemingly has the ability to look smokin' with any look I choose to wear.

     For a highlight, I can't keep my greedy little fingers off of albatross by nars. It is by far the best highlight I have EVER used, and I will without a doubt bore you month after month by putting this in my favorites. *twiddles fingers menacingly*

     And yes, I chose Nars laguna bronzer to be in my favorites, but if I love it so much why wouldn't I spread the joy and happiness that this bronzer has given me. It still gives me the bronzed glow that I want without making me look like an oompa loompa. Sounds like a winner to me.
     Yves Saint Laurent has the most luxurious lipsticks known to man. The packaging, the pigmentation, and the creaminess is just about enough to make me want to buy them all. This shade is 26 tender peach. I still have yet to even think about wearing a different lipstick.
 Here are all the swatches listed in the order swatched on my arm: Urban decay sin, naked, sidecar, and virgin. Tarte exposed blush, nars laguna bronzer, nars albatross, and ysl 26 tender peach.
   Another thing I have been loving is my eos lipbalm in lemon drop. Just a cute little ball of lemony goodness that keeps my lips nice and smooth.

     I have been really into reading all of my makeup books this month. I love seeing different techniques and styles of makeup, and I find that I learn something new whenever I flip the page. I don't have any ones I have been bowing down to more than others this month, but if you have any questions about any of them, my little zebra friend will be happy to answer them for you.

I hope you all have a safe and fun july, and make sure you slather on that sunscreen- they don't call this time of year the dog days of summer for nothing! I hope you all are doing well, and have a wonderful day.

-xoxo, Olivia the Makeup Pig