Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sephora Haul!

Hello, my name is Olivia and I... oh wait, you guys know me already.... Long time no blog post! I know, I was slacking, but I have actually been trying to post this for the last couple of days and the stupid computer just won't work! Oh how I loathe technology at times. But that is clearly not what this blog post is about. If you used your brain and read the title, you might have noticed that this is a sephora haul. And if you didn't, you disgust me. Sooo, I went to sephora on thursday, went to a bare minerals boutique the day after,and then yesterday I went to sephora yet again. I know that I must you must think that I must have no life if I buy makeup three days in a row, but I don't care, I would gladly buy some more again today. So, if you are still actually interested in reading this, READ ON! These are the items I purchased at sephora this thursday, the rest of my stuff will be in a different post.
See the makeup, want the makeup, buy the makeup. - words I live by

First and foremost, I got meself a fresh sugar lipgloss in the shade "Sugar Glory". This is a beautimous (yes, beautimous is a word, look it up) natural looking coral color. For some reason it wants to be something it's not and try to look like a bright corally pink, which it is clearly not. Why do I like this color you ask? Well, I like this color because it's purty and the lip gloss itself is not very long lasting so it gives me the perfect excuse to pull this out every five minutes and smell its yummy fruity scent.

The next thing I got is a nars blush in "albatross". Now before you start jumping to conclusions and make fun of me for buying a white blush, think again. You use this as a highlighter, which means you sweep it on your cheekbones to give you that ethereal glow that everybody wants nowadays.the color is not just a plain white like it's showing up the in picture, it's actually a white gold, and is way mac's soft & gentle msf, which was in my may favorites.

This swatch of albatross really shows it in it's full glory,so go buy it now!

The last two things I got were two of tarte's amazonian clay 12 hour blushes in exposed (left), and amused (right). I already have one of these in the shade tipsy and I plan on collecting them all, because I am a makeup hoarder. But, I have good reasoning for loving these blushes, because they are AMAZING!! The colors are smooth and pigmented, the last all day (they don't look quite as nice as they did earlier on, but they stay on way longer than the typical powder blush), and all od the colors are gorgeous. Exposed is not ugly like some of you sick people out there think. It actually is the perfect blush if you want your cheeks to be nice and neutral. I would describe it as a rosy tan color, and I love it. Amused is a gorgeous matte bright pink. This blush is an instant pick-me-up to any tired face (just what i'll need tomorrow considering my mother insisted that I write this at 1:00 in the morning).

Here are the final swatches! This picture is clearly not doing these blushes any justice, because these don't look nearly as exciting as they should. I hope you consider picking these up.
Hopefully the makeup hoarder in me will be able to live one day without buying makeup. *shudders* I think I will be able to hold out for a little bit, and yes, I said a LITTLE BIT, emphasis on the word LITTLE. Come to think of it, little is a cute and funny word, I but I am going to let you good people go live your lives before I talk your heads off. I hope you all doing well and have a wonderful day. Bieyy!!

-xoxo, Olivia the Pig


  1. Haha very cute and well written.
    It's Olivia... tha makeup PIG! :)

  2. Love the albatross blush!! Will have to get myself some of that!

  3. I have the tarte 'exposed' blush and I love it! It's a very complimentary shade.