Thursday, June 9, 2011

Current Skin Care Routine 6-9-11

Even though I obviously love my beauty products, skincare comes first. You can't put makeup on if your face is too greasy or crusty- it just won't look right! I have a perfect example of a crusty face for you... my very own brother. Granted, he doesn't take time in the morning to look nice, or at least that's what he brainwashes people into believing. He has one of the most crusty faces I have ever seen!!! Ok, maybe not the most, but pretty close. I'm convinced that it's due to the simple fact that he doesn't apply enough sunscreen when he goes tanning in his bikini- the horrors! But really, if he doesn't start applying more sunscreen pretty soon, he'll be looking like the real housewives of OC in no time! *cringes to myself* Now moving on... I don't really have many problems with my face. It can be sensitive to certain skin care products at times, like the the jergens facial self-tanner that I recently quit using because it was sent straight from the devil! But for the most part, I have normal to dry skin, and it's really quite easy to take care of. So these are the products I use to take care of it....

Yep, those are the only two skin care products I use if you can make that out with the horrible lighting. I know it's not much, but my skin just doesn't need 10 skin care products used on it every single day. If I did that, my skin would be terribly messed up. I use the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to wash my face and  I really like it, but I really want to try something new out. This is simply because of the fact that I get bored with certain things and have to buy something new to stare at until the newness wears off and then I want something new again. If you looked inside my makeup drawers, you would understand. I really do like it though, it doesn't dry out my face and keeps it feeling really smooth. For my moisturizer, I use the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. This is the moisturizer for very dry to dry combination skin and it is verrry very nice. It doesn't feel disgustingly heavy on your face and make your makeup come off in 2 minutes tops (I'm talking to you, cetaphil moisturizer). It makes my face nice and fluffy to say the least. Actually... I have no idea where fluffy skin ever fit into skin care... but who cares, that's my opinion, and I would sure as heck rather have fluffy skin then crusty skin. Anyways, that concludes my little rant about things that probobly noone in this world cares about. I'm not saying these products will work for you, but they are both very gentle on my skin and make it feel like a baby's bottom. I hope you all are doing well, and have and wonderful day.
By the way... I way sunscreen every single day, I just haven't decided which one I really like yet.

                                                             -xoxo, Olivia


  1. I LOVE your posts! They are informative and very funny!

  2. 1: what about sunscreen?
    2: mom I can tell that's you that comments on every one haha

  3. Brynne, sunscreen is in my foundation! And thanks!!

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